Friday, December 16, 2011


Attacking another country for merely having what you are attacking them with is like shooting a neighbor for having a gun.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gov't gives people money for school and makes loans readily available: School becomes more expensive than ever and school debt is the one unforgivable debt.

Gov't gives money for cars: tales used car out of the used car market and people who can only afford used cars now have less choice.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Brown Trout

Pre-script: If you click on the pictures you can view thim. I am having issues with blogger. Davey, a former cabin mate here at the Brown Trout, named it after a reference to a quote in Norman Maclean's Novella A River Runs Through It. In it, Maclean describes the Elkhorn Ridge as being like a brown trout in that it was more beautiful because it was in part ugly. As some of you probably know, I've been living in Manitou Springs Colorado since January of this year. I've lived in a small three bedroom cabin with as many as three roommates. This cabin is one of many that Summit Ministries owns and were made int eh early 1900's for tuberculosis patients.

When I first moved in, Rowan, who got engaged and moved to Oregon early on, Davey the poet, and Russel the philosopher all lived here. I shared a room with Russel and moved into Rowans room after her left. Davey got a job in D.C. and Russel just recently left to visit friends in N.C. Come the middle of may, I will move to a cabin directly behind this one that's smaller and a bit more fitting for one person. But I have decided to post some pictures to show you all the beautiful place that I live.

"she gets dressed up like a pillow"

This is the front porch. We ate out here every once and a while--yet far too infrequently--and hosted a Beer&Brats night for some guys. One of my better memories is dinner out here with Russel listening to Dr. Dog

This is a view looking out from the porch. We are right above down town Manitou and through the tangled branches you can see the buildings.

"Toad's hall"

This, though it is arranged quite differently from when all of us lived here, is the living room where we had both planned and impromptu parties.

" The Angels Boyer"

This is a small shrine too two angels that protected the trout. This is the front door looking out.

"The Merton room of meditation"

After Davey left, and we had an extra room, we turned it into a study. This is a place to read, meditate, and fellowship. The only rule is that no phones are allowed in the room.

I liked that chair a great deal. This is the room Rowan stayed in and that I moved into after his departure.

I bought the bike at a thrift store for $2o.

This room is so cluttered form packing that I will only show my bed: the floor. This is the room Davey stayed in.

"the bed room"

After Russel left I did some major rearranging to fill the empty house. I moved all the beds to one room and moved all the furniture out to other parts of the house. This made it, quite literally as Annie pointed out, the only bed-room. This is the room Russell and I shared when the Trout was full.

This is The kitchen. I just bought a Mennonite cook book. And there is no longer wine now that Russell and Davey left.

I really like the window near the toilet. The view isn't the best, but the window is still unexplainable-cool.

The rest of the kitchen as you exit the bathroom.

This is the laundry mat. The only washer for quite a few cabins to share. There was a Summit Laundry mat, but people rather use this one for free. We would have people drop in at odd hours of the day to do their laundry.

This is the view out the back door. Recently I hosted some friends and fellow employees at Starbucks and we sat out here and grilled. Them were good times. Annie also cut Russell's, Suzanne's hair out here. She cut my hair too but it was getting dark and I wouldn't call it a complete haircut.

If you walk up that hill you will see the view over the ridge in the next picture.

Downtown Manitou.

These are the neighbors directly behind me and the cabin I will live in after I move out of the Trout.

On the left side of the Trout, out front, is Annie’s house.

The end.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dallas Willard

Who are we humans? What are we supposed to do? Surely life is for more than just surviving, or mastering nature and other human beings. Why are we here?... Some of us find relief from the angst through identifying with .. social movements of one kind or another. Some may resort to the dogmatisms of politics, science, or religion. Our bumper stickers .. may bear symbols and slogans intended to inform others as well as ourselves that we are very sure, thank you, of who we are and what we are doing and how we feel about the whole idea of being on this planet. But it's all empty bravado, a nervous whistling in the dark of our ignorance and uncertainty about our real nature and our real task in life.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dr. Dog

" You know I get so forgetful when I look in your eyes"

This is a stellar band and this song in particular is great. Full of wonderful quotable lines. You know a band has something going if they can balance two lead singers and be equally awesome no matter who is singing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spend time with your betters.